• Savoy Wilson
    I am using MSPBackup. I have received multiple complaints from Spectrum Maintenance department stating that they are receiving "many signal to noise ratio errors" coming from my customers place of business. When they disconnect the cable leading to my client, the problem goes away. It is causing problem with their entire network in the area according to the technician. I log in there and shut off the backup (which is the only thing running at the time) and the problem goes away on their end. I turn the backup on and the problem arises. He says the errors are: FEC corrected and uncorrected errors and Signal to Noise Ratio errors. Does anyone have any experience with this? Please advise
  • David Gugick
    The signal-to-noise ratio is the signal to noise. I do not see how a software product would create noise on the line. It's possible because there is less data going over the wire when backups are not running that the SNR noise issues on the line are not noticed. And when backups run and start using more upstream bandwidth, the existing noise is more noticeable since the data is affected and the errors are trying to correct.

    Is this multiple customers or just one? I would think an investigation of the broadband connection and the local network is in order. You may be able to measure the SNR from the broadband equipment already connected from Spectrum or your network equipment at the customer.

    Please post any updates on this issue as I'd like to track.
  • Savoy Wilson
    It's just one customer and it is only when the backup is running. I will have him on the phone. When I pause the backups, the problem ceases immediately. I agree this is weird and I have not received these complaints with any other client.

    I don't have any means to test signal to noise except to take the technicians word for it. I can turn the back ups back on and wait for him to call me again (Don't have his number). I'll see if he can send me a print out.
  • David Gugick
    Can you log into the network equipment from Spectrum and see what it's reporting? It's likely reported in the cable modem, DSL modem, or other equipment being used for the broadband connection.
  • Savoy Wilson
    I ended up just uninstalling the mspbackup from there for the time being. I logged into their device. There is nothing showing any signal to noise ratio. This issue is only being picked up through their maintenance equipment that I have no access to.
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