• Chris Moller
    I just started using CloudBerry and have a newbie question:

    The logs contain thousands of messages like:

    2021-09-10 17:14:42,650641 [WARN ]: [ CBB ] [ 1 ] Error on exec sql query: database text: database is locked driver text: Unable to fetch row error code: 5

    with different time stamps.

    Is that something I need to address?

    Maybe related, maybe not: I'm backing up locally to a dedicated hard drive--i.e., not to a cloud--and at least the initial backup seems to get slower and slower as time goes on. My first backup, of a single directory of about 14GB took three days; I'm scared even to try the 375GB directory. Is this slowing down normal? Is it maybe related to the above sql warnings?

    Chris Moller
  • David Gugick
    Can you specify the version of the product you're using? And also let us know if this is using the new backup format or the legacy format. This is a file backup? You say you're backing up locally, but are you backing up locally to a dedicated drive but can you specify if this is a direct attached storage drive or is it a USB drive, and if USB are you connected through USB 3.0? Also can you check the logging in options to ensure it's not on high. If it is move it to the lower default option and try the backup again. Another thing you can check is the multi-threading settings in options. You want to make sure you're not overloading your CPU during the compression and encryption phase. Either way back up that small should have been pretty quickly. If we can't figure it out here I'll have you open up a support case so the team can review your logs.
  • Chris Moller

    Thanks for the reply.

    I just installed CloudBerry a few days ago; it's on a Linux machine. It seems to be version

    The drive is USB-connected through a 3.0 cable. The line in /var/log/messages reads "kernel: usb 1-1.2.4: new high-speed USB device number 98 using ehci-pci" but I don't know if that means usb 3.0

    Settings>Advanced reads Mode: Low
    Settings>Network has local storage max speed unchecked

    The backup was done with a thread count of 5, chunk size 10Mb, memory used 100Mb

    I'm not using compression or encryption
  • David Gugick
    how do you have the external USB drive formatted? What file system? If it's ExFAT that's probably the issue.
  • David Gugick
    I think you'll need to open a support case in order to get this resolved. It may be related to the errors you're seeing in the log. Please use the diagnostic option in the client to submit the logs to support and mention that I asked you to open a support case in case you don't have maintenance.
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