• BackupFan
    We have recently updated the icons for our MSP360 agents via the backup portal. However, the icons aren't being updated unless we download and reinstall the agents again onto each computer. Is there a better way to do this that does not necessitate manually uninstalling, re-downloading, and reinstalling the backup agent on each computer we manage?
    We have remote file transfer and command line interface access to the computers, so we considered creating a script to uninstall and reinstall the software. But is there a script that would allow us to simply update the icon with our new version of the icon?

    Thank you in advancce!
  • David Gugick
    We did some tests here and after we changed the main icon, simply closing and re-opening the agent triggered the new icons appearing. This was tested on 7.2 and 7.3. Can you elaborate on exactly what icon changes were made and which ones have not updated?
  • BackupFan
    Sorry for the slow response. This issue still seems to be present to an extent. Last year, we edited the MSP360 Backup Agent icon by putting our logo as the taskbar and desktop icon. However, it looks like in several cases the icons are showing up as older versions of our icon (we experimented with a few versions of our company logo over time). Obviously we would like to have the newest version of our icon on the backup agents, and this doesn't seem to be happening even though practically all of our client computers are on the 7.3 version of the backup agent.
  • BackupFan
    David, does the new information I provided help give a better picture of what is going on here?
  • David Gugick
    Have the the agents without the updated icons ever been upgraded from an old version of the agent to a newer version? Or were they already on 7.3 before the icon changes were made in Rebranding?

    My recommendation is to work with support on this issue. It seems odd that some agents would be showing the updated icons while others are not, especially if those agents have been upgraded to a newer version after the rebranding was set.
  • BackupFan
    I believe the agents have been upgraded multiple times since the icons have been updated.
    I just created a ticket with support. Thank you!
  • Jim Richardson
    I think that this issue if now resolved.

    What did not work for us was upgrading the software via the MSP360 portal. Doing this normally had no effect on replacing our icon with our new improved icon.

    On most computers upgrading the MSP360 software via a script (installing a newer version of MSP360 or installing the same version of MSP360, did the trick. The script we used was: BackupName_v7.3.2.6_ALLEDITIONS_Setup.exe /S

    Obviously we used the actual backupname per the branding and install file name in the script command.

    On a couple of computers we had to uninstall MSP360 via the Control Panel / Programs and Features. After the software was again installed via the script this fixed the icon issues.

    Thanks for the help!
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