• New backup format: versioning and deleted files
    Just checking in about this basic feature question about the new version. TIA!
  • Searching for modified files is very very slow
    FYI the newly released version (6.1.0) has corrected the slowness problem for me! Great job developers!
  • Searching for modified files is very very slow
    Sounds good, I'll try 6.1 upon release. Please do note that 6.0.1 does work OK for me but 6.0.2 does not.
  • Searching for modified files is very very slow
    I went ahead and reinstalled the new version ( and performed a repository sync which completed OK. Unfortunately the slowness problem still happened with last night's backup - it was still running when I came in (usually finishes in a few hours). So I went ahead and reverted back to the previous version

    Since I have an easy fix here (going back to the previous version) I'm going that route and will hope your programmers fix whatever is happening in the newest version. Since this is our backup software, I can't be troubleshooting and not having good backups. I hope you understand. I'm happy to post about our environment to your support engineers if you think that would help.
  • Searching for modified files is very very slow
    For me, Cloudberry Backup became very slow after the latest update ( I reinstalled the previous version ( and the problem went away. So I'll be sticking to the slightly older version for now, hoping this gets resolved.

    The slowness occurred when accessing a (very large) network share. I kept the newest version on one of our machines strictly backing up an image. So my guess is there is a bug in the newest version accessing file shares. It completes, but takes a hugely longer amount of time, especially if there are many changes. Again, going back to the previous version of Cloudberry cleared up the problem for me.

Jim Dayman

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