• Bad Gateway and 3015 internal storage error
    Thanks for letting us know. After receiving a ton of these and thought it was possibly an MS update. Then I thought to check here.
  • Feature Request: Chain multiple devices
    Yes, I already use bandwidth management, but why have the contention. Also, if you set each server at say 1Mbps when ten are running you are using 10Mbps, but if six finish and four are still running they are not taking advantage of that 10Mbps.
    But that brings up a new feature request, the ability to manage bandwidth settings across multiple devices. Right now you need to touch each device to change those settings. And/or have a bandwidth cap per site that gets spread across all running jobs. That is even better.
  • New Billing Functionality in CloudBerry MBS
    I too am interested. I would like to see monthly subscription options for the agents with a volume discount based on those deployed. Currently if I add five more I don't get the discounts based on my total license count, plus it is now out of sync with all the other licenses.