• Issue with S3 database backup
    Turns out a simple reboot of the firewall was enough.
  • Issue with S3 database backup
    My Hosting Partner is telling me that it's a hardware firewall that bottlenecking the speed and it needs a firmware update and reboot so we will see.
  • Issue with S3 database backup
    Thanks, I found some sites that do latency tests to different S3 regions and it has shown an issue so have reported this to our hosting partner.
    for some reason the London DC seems to be 300 to 3000ms whereas Frankfurt is 100ms, servers are in a UK DC so not sure why that is happening.

    however to answer your questions the
    upstream is 200Mbit
    Region is London
    Storage class is standard
  • Dynamically change Database at time of backup
    Hi thanks for the reply.

    I can see when setting up a new plan that you can pass databases as a parameter , but i would want to edit the plan to add new databases and i can see how i can do that ?