• Disconnect options
    I clicked on Diagnostics in the Options and wrote the whole issue down and sent it off.
    The reply was less than helpful stating that only commercial versions are supported by tickets and to use the Forum.

    Two things I say to that:
    1. Why is the ability to create a ticket available in the "free version"?
    2. I would have thought that any company would be grateful for feedback and the use of the ticketing system (should) ensure that the whole issue and resolution is fully documented and therefore available for use by others.
  • Disconnect options
    Hello Sergey N,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I am already using unattended access and encryption. I have been form the start and the issue has always been there :sad:
  • Disconnect options
    Thank you Sergey N, that solved the missing disconnect window. However I still have the original problem - changing these options doesn't resolve it.

    If I physically sign out from my media PC and then try to access it remotely from my laptop I can connect and get to input my pin number to sign in. BUT then I get a message the image has changed and then another message stating "Waiting for new image...." and that is as far as I get - no matter how long I leave it.
    FTR. The remote PC has in fact been logged in and is showing the Desktop but I don't see it just a blank screen with the message above.

    I am testing LiteManager Pro too and I do not have that same issue. When I physically sign out I can always gain access with LiteManager Pro but not CloudBerry Remote, sadly.

    With PCs on the same site I can work around it, but with PCs off site it is a disaster.

    Any ideas?


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