• Hyper-V backup: no option to force full backup?
    Thanks David for replying to this post. Support said was a change in UI that was not reflected in the documentation.
  • I/O when using encryption/compression
    Just additional information - that change upwards coincides with changing backup from Backblaze to Azure, enabling encryption/compression and Fast NTFS scan.
  • I/O when using encryption/compression
    Thanks for your reply.

    No, it's not CPU - it's I/O operations as explained here

    This is the CPU in the last 28 days, obviously not loaded at all:


    The machine in itself is not overloading because of these I/O operations. Just interested to know of anything that could cause this behaviour. You can see a spike in Disk Transfer/sec and read/write per second - the numbers are too small to impact the overall machine but higher than previous volumes.


    Also note this machine has five drives but this change in I/O profile only happened on the boot drive - the other drives (SQL database, logs, paging file) aren't affected. It's a VM, 16 cores using 10 threads per backup plan.

    In any case, I have asked support about this and will update later if anything comes to light.
  • MS SQL server restore ok but notification error?
    Thanks. I actually updated just after the post and it worked OK with database restored.

    I didn't update here before because the topic wasn't immediately available. This can be locked now.

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