• Full unattended Control now asking for PIN
    1) How come it never asked for the PIN for the first 3 days I used it, but now it does ask?

    2) If I set a Custom Password, will I have to enter the Password each time?

    It was better when CB RA was fully unattended access, (like TeamViewer is) - where if the incoming settings said to always allow, then the host pc didn't ever have to do anything.
  • using two remotes to work on the office host computer
    ... and .... I'm already on Version 2.2
  • using two remotes to work on the office host computer
    I set up a 2nd remote laptop and used the encryption key that was on the 2nd laptop. So now I'm using 2 keys on the host pc - one for remote #1, and another for remote #2. Is this OK?

    I still can't connect to 2 remote pc's at the same time. Is this because I used 2 different encryption keys? I don't even see anywhere where you can even try to login to a 2nd remote when I'm connected to the first remote.
  • Bug: "Maximize" remote window works wrong and requires scrolling to see full screen
    I figured out how to make this work properly - I have to do two things
    1) Maximize window
    2) toggle the 'scaled view mode'

    I see that if I close down the session and reopen - the scaled view mode still is at my setting, but....

    The Window is not Maximized (even though that is the last setting from the previous session.

    Suggestion: Have CB RA remember both the Maximize setting AND the 'scaled view mode' for future sessions automatically.
  • Suggestion: Allow multiple remote windows to open at once
    I read the user guide you suggested, but I still couldn't find instructions on how to open connections to 2 remote pc's at the same time. Where in the article does it tell how to do that?


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