• windows password not working
    I posted this question 14 days ago and Sergey asked for a diagnostic log. I sent one shortly after that. Now, two weeks later, and having the same problem, I sent a new log, and have received this message via email:


    We support only commercial licenses via ticket system. It seems that you are using the freeware version of CloudBerry Lab product.

    If you need help, want to ask a question or start a discussion please refer to our forum. Thank you for your concern!"

    I realize I am using the free version and I needed to post on the forums, which I did, but the log was requested! Will the whole forum post be ignored simply because I haven't paid for the pro version?
  • windows password not working
    Reposting this as I have not received a reply. Is anyone else having this problem, and hopefully, have solved it?

    When trying to connect to a remote computer with it's custom password set, I have two problems.

    1) I am never given the option to use the custom password. The only options available are to use the windows password or the PIN

    2) If I use the Windows Password I am given the following error:
    "Remote Assistant start failed on remote computer, force quitting running applications instances has failed." The only option available is to click the "OK" button, closing the program on the remote computer.

    This necessitates me physically going to the remote computer and restarting Remote Assistant, getting a new PIN, which is reset EVERY time the program starts, going back to the host computer and starting all over again. This makes the program at best annoying and a time sink if I happen to be in the same building as the remote computer, and at worst totally useless I don't have physical access to the remote computer.

    I have referenced this under the "windows password not working" forum post on September 16th, and sent a diagnostic log, as requested, shortly after that. I have just sent a new diagnostic log. Still awaiting a reply.
  • custom password not working
    No, I cannot enter either my Microsoft password (the one that usually opens the computer when it starts), or my custom password. The only thing allowed is the PIN. There is no option to enter any thing but the PIN. If I try entering my password in that field I cannot connect.
  • Service key request failed: Unable to connect, Another Connection is established.
    I had this happen on one of my sessions. Don't know if this is the solution, but the computer I was connecting from had the latest version of CBRA, while the computer I was trying to connect to had not yet been updated. When I updated that computer I no longer received the message.

    If this is what the problem is, there needs to be some kind of check when connecting and a message that the program needs to be updated.