• High CPU
    Hi Sergey - it certainly seems to be a problem stemming from combination of main application using a lot of CPU and possibly refreshing screen content too often or something. I just sent you a ticket with diagnostics from another machine - 4 core CPU, main app taking one full core, Cloudberry taking one full core.
    Main app is written in Visual Basic 6 (Yes I know, horrible :))
  • High CPU
    Hi Sergey, I have sent you a log from the open machine remote connection (from the menu on top of the window) after few minutes and also from Cloudberry application itself after closing the remote connection. Hope it helps. This time I still got 40-50 CPU consumption, but working on the machine was reasonably good.

  • High CPU
    Hi, small update - I have tested with 256 color quality and 16 color quality. Seems that no matter what I do, Cloudberry takes about 40 percent of CPU and 65 MB of RAM. Surprisingly, for first ~10 minutes of the session all was OK, but afterwards when I reset one not-working thing, it started having problems again. This increased the CPU load from the main program to about 60 percent from former 50.

    When they have no production I can try putting Cloudberry at High Priority or limit it at one CPU and set the main program to another CPU at Normal priority, but it seems a bit strange that it is taking this much CPU time.

    For compatibility issues with former system, which was Win2000 I have used only E2180 processor, which is remarkably awful - could it be this?
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    Hi Sergey, thanks for the suggestion, I have not realized that this setting is here. I will reply as soon as I can do the test, could be couple of days, since this specific production machine is on internet only when there are issues with it. Thanks!
  • High CPU

    I have been having similar issues, found this topic in forum and decided to add it here. My issue is on a 2 core machine, with one fullscreen application using usually around 50 percent of the CPU. When I connect remotely, Cloudberry Remote Assistant starts taking about 40-50 percent too and then any remote work is very difficult. It seems it comes and goes in bursts, usually couple seconds long where it completely hangs.

    My idea was, that maybe the fullscreen app (industrial machine interface) is refreshing its screen too often and then Cloudberry is having problems compressing the image into data stream, even though the screen content is rather stationary and mostly refreshes some numbers. This is just a guess though.

    If any forum admins are reading this, my diag log had number 149330 and I opened a ticket 252598, but I have only freeware account.