• Remote Assistant 2.2 Connection Problem
    I've finally got to the bottom of the problem:

    If the remote PC is locked waiting for a Windows PIN or Password then Remote Assistant won't connect, the message is something along the line of Remote ID not correct or PC off line.

    If the PC is logged in that it works correctly.

    To get this to work I have had to disable the Windows security so it is always logged in, obviously this isn't ideal because the remote PC is always accusable to anyone.

    In addition I have another remote PC that just logs in without needing any Remote Access Password but this is protected by the Windows Password.

    I also have another PC which works correctly, it fist asks for the Remote Access Password then once that is accepted it asks for the Windows Password.

    Very confusing, I am going to try and look through the Windows configuration to try and determine if there are any differences.
  • Remote Assistant 2.2 Connection Problem
    I am still having problems with this, think I'm going to have to change back to Teamviewer because I know that works.

    My problem is that from Site A I can access a PC on Site B (although it just connects without having to enter any PIN or Remote Access Password) but when I try to access the two PCs on Site A it accepts the Remote Access password it just locks up with the message "Screen sharing is paused by remote computer", this happens on both PC's which cannot be a coincidence.

    I have no idea how to diagnose this so I can resolve the issue, it seems as though if the remote user has logged in it works OK so it is something to do with the security which could be screen saver related.
  • Remote Access with Screensaver Active
    I have the same problem, never had a problem with other remote access apps, I guess it's just the way that Cloudberry do things.
  • Remote Assistant 2.2 Connection Problem
    I visited the site again yesterday and rebooted the PC, couldn't connect initially because the Remote Access Service didn't start.

    Tested out connections from site and everything worked fine, tried to connect from the remote location and it worked but the user was logged into windows, after they logged out could only get as far as the login screen with the "Screen sharing is paused by remote computer message"

    This problem seems to be something to do with the windows security, if the PC is logged in it works fine, if it isn't then it just hangs at the login screen.
  • Remote Assistant 2.2 Connection Problem
    I can't connect to either of the computers on site (B) at the moment so asked someone to just reboot the PCs so I could get access in the meantime, after rebooting both computers now return the same message:

    Can't connect: looks like remote computer is offline or ID is incorrect.

    Will try and get access tomorrow.