• Management Website Feedback Function
    For those who might have this same problem:

    As it turns out, I had to clear ALL caches and cookies in Google Chrome, then it worked just fine.
  • Management Website Feedback Function
    Yeah. I cleared the cache already. I think that I clicked for it to remind me later, about a month ago. I haven't seen it since.
  • Management Website Feedback Function
    How do I get it to show again? I don't see it at all at this time.
  • Recommended Backup Exclusions

    Is there a way to simply exclude temporary and browser cache folders for each user account, possibly as a program option, in image backups? There's quite frequently a ton of junk in these, and their contents are constantly changing, and I'd love to have a way to just ignore them entirely, even for newly-created users.
  • Recommended Backup Exclusions
  • Unattended Access
    Ah. I had had some difficulty with this in the past, and perhaps it was my ignorance that resulted in the question. I have double-checked, and can make unattended connections to both existing logon sessions, and to systems which have no user currently logged-on, with the Windows credentials.

    Thanks for the reply, and sorry to have bothered you.
  • Custom reports and monitoring alerts, plus error/event log blocking
    Also, it would be great to be able to suppress the antiviral warnings for systems that have Windows Defender enabled, and not some 3rd party antivirus. Some of our residential customers will never have any other antivirus, and we'd love to be able to set this to not alert us about a "missing" 3rd party antivirus, at least for selected customers.

Russel McConnell

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