• RIP Free unattended access
    Some companies don't really know their target audience and think just because someone uses a free product that they will pay if the main feature it taken away. What they just end up doing is pissing off people who could have been potential customers by forcing the removal of what they need most.
  • RIP Free unattended access
    I want to also add that the firewall rule issue still hasn't been fixed, so I would certainly expect that to be resolved if paying for unattended access usage.
  • RIP Free unattended access

    I think all versions are going to be auto-updated and you would need a trial or pro in order to connect to anything unattended from this point on. Some notice of the change would have also been nice, versus signing into the computer one day and seeing a new icon and no longer being able to access anything.
  • RIP Free unattended access
    I'd be more looking into the $20-25 range or even a higher one time purchase. Again, I mainly use this for various computers around the house. What I like most about the unattended usage in this program is the encryption key. For example using Teamviewer, there is no security outside of just having the password to login.
  • RIP Free unattended access
    Possibly good news about it coming back. If nothing else, maybe a cheaper option for those who don't need 25 addresses, but need the unattended access.
  • "Remote Desktop is already running"
    See if this is the same issue - I have this happen after each update on two machines, while the others work fine.
  • Setting custom PIN?
    I use both options, but do not like how it logs out the current user and takes forever for the desktop unlike in previous versions where it was instant.
  • Latest version refuses to show program window

    It took a few tries, but that ended up working on both machines - it also restored the taskbar icons. Very odd having that happen on both computers after that update.

    Thank you!
  • Remote Assistant deletes Windows Firewall Rules

    I had considered doing something similar, but hadn't gotten around to it yet - good job.

    I can understand deleting the firewall rule, totally acceptable for a one time use - but as soon as that unattended access option is checked, the rule should be permanent.
  • Masked PIN
    Noticed this as well and sent an email regarding it. Seems a bit of an oversight to leave that unmasked.
  • Remote Assistant deletes Windows Firewall Rules
    Found this thread after having the exact same issue - any chance there has been any resolution to this problem?

    I'm also using the firewall controls from binisoft with everything locked down to rules/permission only.

    Cloud.Ra.Service stays in the rules, but as with Ralf, the remote assistant is removed from the rules at each boot.