• Exclude folders not working
    not really a ticket issue, those were all functionality questions.
  • CBB does not send notifications.
    I'm testing the free version at the moment ~ so I can't open a ticket.
    Did a little more digging and found some entries in the logs:

    2020-02-13 17:51:31,809713 [ERROR]: [ CBB ] [ 16 ] Error can't init ssl
    2020-02-13 17:51:31,810710 [ERROR]: [ CBB ] [ 16 ] Error: can't init ssl context!

    They do not get any more informative if I increase the log level to debug :(

    What are the servers and ports it is trying to connect to? If I try to look them up (dig MX) I get Google mail servers.

    The CBB instance right now is in an Amazon Lightsail container, it took a bit of work to get that thing to send mail at all , but it does send mail externally.

    CBB was sending notifications initially
    I had to change the plans to root.root ownership to get it to backup some files/folders
    that's when it (mail notifications) stopped working
    changing ownership back or trying to create a new plan still show the "cannot reach" error.
  • What initial system username and password do I use?
    It will let ANY system user login in and create plans, backup etc ... and I MEAN any, ftp users, mail users etc. I'm still testing myself but I have to deactivate the web portal when done with it.
  • Error trying to setup Amazon S3 bucket
    solved - sort of, it seems to be an issue with another application trying to use the package - reinstalling fixed the issue
  • Linux (Ubuntu) not backing up
    WOW. Just simply WOW......

    Decided to do a little testing with users, it appears that when a system user logs in and creates a backup plan, that plan is written to the etc/plans directory with their permissions. ~ OK, the cbb process appears to be running as root, which makes no sense that it should not have permission to open various directories ???

    But that's not the horrifying part. I was able to create an FTP user VIA the hosting control panel (Plesk) - guess who was able to log in as a lowly unprivileged FTP user and potentially make a backup of all my data to any location they desire?

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root        root   4512 Nov  4 21:52 {3f13ce43-fd5d-4403-aeb1-52d3b96f0dbc}.cbb
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root        root   4260 Nov  6 18:19 {48fc42a5-08da-4e6b-943c-b9f4596779fc}.cbb
    -rw-r--r-- 1 randy_5643 psacln 4302 Nov  6 18:30 {6d8321b7-d463-4736-8b73-846784afff94}.cbb
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root        root   4330 Nov  6 18:26 {eb078eb8-7e04-47ac-9c64-f90d681cefab}.cbb

    In theory, one of my hosting clients can now create an FTP account, log into the CloudBerry web access console and start backing up data to wherever they want.

    IMO access to the web app is basically not controlled. kill -9 etc.

    2. see above

    3. I have several hundred websites in the /var/www/vhosts/ directory files I would like to exclude are logs and caches...



    I would like to be able to set wildcards to exclude files and directories: