• Introducing MSP360™ Remote Assistant for macOS
    Hi, I was very excited when I received your email about the new Mac version of MSP360 remote control, but didn't last long. As happened for other versions of your backup software, Mac users are treated differently and must cope with mocked versions respect windows. I have installed the Build: 1.0.95 both on my 2 macs, to test it, the installation is fine, and the application starts.
    I see a ready to connect green led which is good, and a nice orange button with the CONNECT sign.
    Enter Computer ID here...
    Where is the ID? I can't spot any ID in any menu voice, about, or setting menu, (consider this app goes in Client's hands).
    I can't see the "unattended access" button either, (maybe will come later in the next updates).
    I went to help.mps360 then to see some docs before writing here, and under Remote Assistant for macOS there is only "Introduction" that speaks about similarities with Windows app and shows a mobile interface for iOS.
    Sorry about my frustration, I was really looking forward to seeing this nice app coming to Mac.
    Thanks, Regards
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone
    link to the screenshot

Renato Avanzini

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