• RIP Free unattended access
    Thanks for your reply. The main setback is that the feature is removed. Also as I have and others have brought user feedback, in my case specifically on the unattended access feature usecase descriptions which I believe ended up with the option "Join an existing session" in the product as this was actually removed during a version update.
    I understand that you want to make money and as unattended access seems to be a highly requested feature I guess it is tempting to get a pricetag on it. I did not realise that you planned to remove it from the free version though. That is sad. The Pro version is too expensive and I dont use it that regurlarly to motivate the cost. If not free I would think a pricetag in the 20-30 range could make sense. Or remove the annual pricing to do the purchase once. I am happy with the latest 2.0 version so for me I could stick with a one-time purchase.
  • RIP Free unattended access
    A sad moment. I have been with the product from start, sent in bugreports with descriptions and screenshots as well as improvement suggestions. Reducing the featureset and removing the unattended feature is a huge set back.
    I am using it for setting up the race computers of my track and field club before and during the race. We sometimes also use these for collecting laptimes during the race where we connect over a 4G modem. Very neat to have the mobile version. Over the years this has been improved a lot and is working very well. But I never thought that this would happen - for me the unattended feature is key. Sadly as I do not want to move back to Teamviewer.
  • Forced upgrade to 2.4 or newer
    Only thing I saw was that, for one computer, the Encryption key was not stored.
    I had to enter it every time I connected to the computer.
    On the connection screen I notice that there are a an open keylock and a non-existing "adressbook" icon close to the Computer ID.
    Other computers where stored.
    I will try add them manually using the "adressbook" where I saw that details can be filled in.
  • Forced upgrade to 2.4 or newer
    And coming back after installing and testing the update on my win7 and win10 computers.

    WORKS GREAT!!! (join an existing session.)

    Also acknowledge the improved file transfer. Now the transfer direction is superclear and no more upload/download uncertainties.

    Again thanks!

  • Forced upgrade to 2.4 or newer
    Hi, tonight I realised that the old version, the only that really works for me, has been blocked although my earlier request to be advised how I can use the new version for the usecase that I have.
    I also filed a supportcase and the topic was to continue there. That, sadly, never happened. I really love MSP RA/RD but unfortunately the later versions did upgrades such that it is not possible to connect to a remote party as a true unattended service.
    I must admit that after rolling back to 2.2.051 I have not tried later updates as this early version adressed all my needs but the later did not.
    I will of course try the new version now and I both hope and wish the flaw that I have described is adressed.

    Keep up the good work!

  • After update - 'myComputer' is already working on Remote Computer....
    Thanks for update. However, I am not sure that I understand.
    There is no RA session ongoing, so no session to be kicked out from.

    When I press "Connect" on the shown screen above, things behave a bit differently on win10 vs win7.

    On the win10 Remote I can see that it goes back to Windows login screen, logs in, restart RA and eventually the screen is shared. So maybe this is what you mean when you state that the session is restarted.
    But, on my win7 Remote, when I press "Connect", the Remote goes back to Windows login screen and stays there while showing "Waiting for remote instant of Remote Assistant to start" on Host.

    This state is never resolved. Finally connection with RA is lost and the following is shown on Host:

    If you then, on the Host, try to reconnect, you get the following message:

    On the Remote nothing is shown except the win7 login screen.
    When logging in on win7 Remote it re-establishes network connection which indicates that this was pulled down when Host tried to establish a RA session.

    As a RA user, you previously have always had, and I think, should have, the impressesion that you dive into the current session. All session specific information data and application is kept as is and there is just another Remote user (the Host) controlling the inputs as has been determined by the setup of the configuration of the Remote computer.
    I hope this is what you will revert back to. Anything else seems very confusing.

    I must also take the opportunity to thank you for a great application. I have been around from start. Performance and feature suite have improved a lot over the builds.
    I have tried to give my 5cents of testing and hope you can do something with it.

    Kudos and Thanks!

  • After update - 'myComputer' is already working on Remote Computer....
    Hi, yes I have updated both the host and the Remote. Host is win10, Remote is running win7.

    I also checked another Remote using win10 this evening. Although this Remote2 has not been updated the same problem applies. Remote2 is running RA . This is also the version that I was using on Host and Remote1 before the update.

    So problem seems to be that host thinks that there is already an ongoing session, but infact it is not.

    I am thinking of two things to narrow down the issue:
    - Delete the computers and re-generate key pairs etc and re-enter them in the list of Remote Computers.
    - Connect to the Host using Remote1 and Remote2. This might answer if there is a version issue. On the other hand I have never connected this way so I will need to generate keys and get the Host on the list of remote computers. This is basically the same as item above and thus, may have little value.

    Let me know your thoughts.

Niklas Stenström

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