• Allow multiple connections from a single workstation + multiple connections into a workstation
    Hello , I would like to respond to your original request from some time ago, where you needed use case for one-to-multiple scenario.

    Once-twice a month I tend to connect to computers of my parents to check/update them and fix issues that they might possibly have. My time is usually short so I try to multitask as much as possible. This means that opportunity for tabbed remoting into multiple machines is extremely valuable thing for me, especially for these simple actions and tasks that cannot be fully automated.

    This is easy if you are on local network but I tend to be away a lot thus being able to do this from around the country while keeping things simple and avoiding need of public IP and port-forwarding is very important for me. Of course, my friends sometimes ask me for help either and I tend to fix multiple issues at once too to save time, nothing commercial, just helping people in need.

    Hope this helps picturing the situation. :smile: