• Introducing MSP360 Remote Assistant 2.3

    - I have observed RA seemingly dislike wifi connections, wired performs much better
    - In some instances RA loses connection without noticing it, it just stops functioning until a manual reconnect
    - In some cases mouse clicks aren't going through, however in the affected window the mouse roller was working - in the meantime, in another window everything works. The affected window is unclickabe anywhere, header included.
    - In one case (RA started by a user-level coworker) the elevated prompt for password was not writable through RA session (considered normal operation?)
    - User account switching is not handled (W10), requires manual reconnect

    Thanks and Keep up the good work!
  • Introducing MSP360 Remote Assistant 2.3
    Hi, I have a few observations:
    - Meeting: It would be cool to be able to invite known contacts in the "Participants" panel, that are in the "Contacts" list.
    - I've 3 monitors of which I shared the "2" (left) while "3" (middle" is the main. The mouse is only visible in the shared session if it is in the main window. It's not a big problem, just funny.
    - Exporting the "contacts" to be able to use the list on another workstation, would be neat.
    - Longer "Contacts" list would be even more neat. 8)
    - Unattended access is not really unattended if it requires a pin. Protecting the users session is fine, but making this optional would be practical.
    Thank you.