• Is Remote Desktop still in Production?
    Perhaps I am seeing it all wrong. I can't imagine what the priority list for a product like this would be; however, it seems some questions about connection issues / stability / etc. go without input from MSP360, which is why I asked. Hope to see the stability concerns addressed and look forward to the Android app soon.
  • Connection repeatedly terminated by remote user
    Still having issues. This app is incredibly unstable. Does MSP360 still work on it...? Wondering if this is abandonware now.
  • Adobe Photoshop / Premiere windows blank / flashing
    Interesting. The monitors are usually off, if I'm remote into the system. I'll check that out, but as for swapping the connection, I'm unable to run HDMI to the screens as they are all DVI-I.
  • Connection repeatedly terminated by remote user
    I get this all the time, usually upon login of the remote Windows10 login screen. I don't connect with a PIN, so I'm forced to login using the Win10 screen. After entering the password, it says it is waiting for a screen refresh from the remote computer then it kicks me out and gives me, "Connection was terminated by remote user." It takes me a few tries to get in. Once connected and at the desktop (beyond the login), I'm fine.
  • Introducing MSP360 Remote Assistant 2.3
    So, was running fine on Win10. I used the check for updates button - it downloaded, uninstalled 2.2 and installed 2.3 - then nothing. Tried opening the app, got a message saying "It's already running." Closed the app in Task Manager, relaunched. Nothing. Tried opening the app again and got the "It's already running" message again. Uninstalled. Downloaded 2.3 from the website. Installed. Same results.

    I had the 2.2 install file still, so I uninstalled 2.3 and reinstalled 2.2 and all is fine. Any thoughts on why 2.3 won't open??