• Sound not passed from remote computer
    Thank you. I did find the Stereo Mix option on the remote machine but it didn't have any effect. Maybe it is something we need to wait on for a future release?
  • Sound not passed from remote computer
    Thanks, I appreciate your advice. I'm trying to listen to a voicemail on the remote system. Unfortunately I don't have the "What you hear" option on either system. I just wanted to make sure I have everything set up properly and I'm not missing something, as I can't find any other settings to tweak and audio seems to work normally on both computers locally.

    I also tested Anydesk and audio passes through without issue, so it seems to be related to some program settings in the RA clients.
  • Sound not passed from remote computer
    It seems to affect all sound, I tested with system sounds and streaming music.

Neil Womack

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