• Restore Backup of Physical Machine to VM using MSP360 and VMware ESXi

    Thank you for this information.

    Just to confirm, this question involves the quick recovery of a non-VM workstation or server, to a VM, to be operated temporarily until the failed computer can be replaced. Can you tell me what you mean by “install our backup software on each virtual machine”? The restore will be accomplished to create a VM of the failed physical. Since we are having difficulty creating the VM, I can’t envision how we would install your backup software on the virtual machine.
  • Wasabi Data Deletion Charges
    Thank you David. I appreciate your insight and suggestions.
  • Wasabi Data Deletion Charges

    Thanks for your offer. We do a daily Block-level incremental backup, and once a month a Full backup. On the day that the monthly Full backup runs we set the start time of the Full backup to be 15 minutes prior to the daily Block-level incremental backup believing that the daily backup will be skipped on this one day a month.

    Our current retention policy is to keep 30 versions, to delete versions older than 1 month, and to always keep the last version.

    Our business requirement is to keep a minimum of 30 days of backups. If more can be kept for less money, or for the same amount of money in storage cost, that is fine.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Wasabi Data Deletion Charges
    Thanks for the very helpful suggestions!
  • Server Slownes
    Thanks. I have contacted them.
  • Server Slownes
    This is a fairly urgent situation as users are having trouble using the server due to slowness.

    Not sure how to restore proper server operation, then to figure out what went wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Also, the application on the CentOS server will not open, I see a small icon jumping up and down then it goes away and nothing opens.
  • Storage - Add Account
    Thank you. I tried that too but still the OK button is grayed out.

    I was told that connecting to an SMB share is currently not supported in the Linux backup product natively but that it is a feature request.

    I was told to please see this KB for a workaround:

    I'm glad that this options is available. Has anyone else used this KB article procedure? This procedure seems a little difficult and a bit time consuming go set up. The local backup storage is to be kept on a Synology NAS if this matters. Does anyone know of any other options available? We want to backup locally to the NAS and also to the cloud.
  • Portal Usage - Backup Size
    Does Backup Size mean different things depending on where on the portal we look?
  • How to Ensure Local Backups While Cloud Backup Runs
    Thank you all for the very helpful insight into this issue! We will look into this further.
  • System State Restore - Small Business Server 2011
    Yes, these backups were made as image based backups. We have a server that is running Active Directory and need to do a system state restore.
  • System State Restore - Small Business Server 2011
    I asked the question about the ability to restore the system state because the UI on the locally installed MSP360 software shows 4 different type of date to restore though only Restore Image Based Backup is select-able. The other three options including the option to Restore System State are grayed out.
  • System State Restore - Small Business Server 2011
    Thank you.

    If an image backup was created can a System State Restore be performed? If no, what options or workarounds are there to restore the system state from an image backup?
  • Alternate Local Backup Disks
    Thank you David! I think that I noticed a note that said that an improvement was to come out in 2019 to make management yet easier. Do you know if this was in fact developed and rolled out?
  • Windows Server 2019 VSS Errors
    We are seeing this error on a Windows 10 machine on both local and cloud backup plans.
  • Upgrade Cloudberry Backup Version
    Can the upgrade normally be accomplished by installing over the older version? Is Uninstall / Restart PC / Install process you mentioned only needed if this upgrade process fails?
  • Stop / Start Initial Backup - Bandwidth Adjustments
    Thank you. If we edit the backup schedule after the full backup has started, will the backup dynamically adjust based on revised setting hours and/or setting bandwidth?
  • Stop / Start Initial Backup - Bandwidth Adjustments
    I may have found at least part of the problem. It appears that we set the bandwidth in Online Backup on the server as well as via the / Remote Management / Edit / Edit Options / Bandwidth setting portal. When I tried to eliminate the bandwidth setting via the Online Backup application on the server, it appeared to remove the Bandwidth setting but the setting would return again. When I removed the bandwidth setting via the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> portal then the bandwidth setting control was regained. I presume that this means that the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> settings trump the Online Backup Bandwidth settings.
  • Stop / Start Initial Backup - Bandwidth Adjustments
    Thanks David. Understand concerning the initial full backup running to completion

    I appreciate any information you might have concerning the bandwidth changes question.