• Backup Storage Question
    I have ~100 machines split in ~10 networks doing incremental image to a shared LAN storage nightly, with full image backup weekly, keeping as much as we can hold. There seem to be no way the backup agents can 'taste' how much space is left on the storage location. We also do some cloud file and image backups though less frequent and use B2 as storage. Its important that your B2 buckets are set to keep just a single version - as per CBB support.
  • "The creation of a shadow copy is already in progress."
    I'm seeing this a lot too these days ... on machines where CBB is the only backup operation on those systems. the backups are scheduled after work hours. Some machines run Win7 some run Win10.. just today was 6 machines throwing this error... so in CBB MBS I'll manually run the job and it will run/finish successfully.. This problem has been going on for a couple of months only.


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