• bootable usb for dell r720xd
    Hand-holding is an interesting choice. As a sysadmin I said youzer because the wim route would take a considerable amount of time to test the amount of configurations I've already tested. But yes perhaps support will be able to hold this babies hand.
  • bootable usb for dell r720xd
    Youzer... I have not tried the boot.wim method, only the path to driver method. What's the difference?

    I have tried probably 30 different builds with various driver versions, etc selected in path to driver. I never get the missing driver error. What I get is the restore option at the top never becomes available and when you go to settings network, you get this error...
  • bootable usb for dell r720xd
    The answers in this forum seem to be incredibly generalized. Any specific guidance?
  • bootable usb for dell r720xd
    I've had zero luck finding any driver that will get this to work. The drivers on that site in particular are 32 but and the win or environment appears to be 64bit.

    Is there a way to run cloudberry on a third party bootable win pe solution?
  • Bootable USB Universal or Machine Specific
    Bummer this never got answered. I'm working on the same thing. Specifics on adding additional drivers.

Aaron Luders

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