• Possible Mapped Drive Connection Timeout
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    We are using the latest . And memory leak is for sure. You can see it clearly in AWS dashboard,
    It starts with high memory, and at the end of the day, it dropped to very low and never recover from it. It's high again after restarted CB service.
    And I'll look into your suggestions. And will reply to your questions when I get more detail info.
    Thanks again.
  • Possible Mapped Drive Connection Timeout
    Hi, we are using CB as drive mount tool and serve S3 buckets for ReadOnly of accessing a lot of Training Materials. Since access are pretty intensive and potentially large video files. We have ran into IIS servers service dropped in the middle of accessing there Training Materials. So, my question is
    1. is there any bench mark or anything we can test for the performance/bottle neck as far as bandwidth, requests/sec or bytes/sec limit?
    2. Since it's ReadOnly, would longer Folder Cache retention period, Disk Driver callback timeout would help?
    3. what's the suggested config setting, such as "User Chunck size", "Rety Attempts Number and Time", "Quere thread count" according to our Application?
    4. Also, this is just an FYI, your software has memory leak issue. We have to run nightly schedule jobs to restart CB every night. But, this is our least concern.

    Thanks for your time.

Bruce Yen

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