• What is the Function of the "~segments" Directory Branch in the Cloud File Store?
    Hi David,

    Thanks for your response.

    I had done some manual deletions of early backups before I understood that the Backup Storage feature takes care of both the local database and the cloud file storage. I had not realised that CBB deletes all coresponding files from the cloud when they were deleted from the Backup Storage tree.

    The files I want to clean up are cases where I manually deleted directories from the CBB_VOLUMES branch in the cloud file store without deleting the related ~segments files or the related files and versions data in the CBB database via the Backup Storage menu. I have since deleted the old backup plans and files and versions from Backup Storage menu using the proper procedure.

    I am pretty sure the coresponding ~segments files need to be deleted. I am hoping to get a confirmation that this is the right approach to cleaning up after the manual delets I did previously.

    I'm also generally interested in the function of the two different directories /~segmenrs and /CBB_VOLUMES.

    Many thanks for your support,
  • Unable to Complete a VM Image Backup
    This error is happening with any of these IMG files. I have three VM backup plans, each backing up one VM on a different day. These are the only large files I am backing up. They are 10s of GB each.

    These files are not in use at the time of backup.

    The backup jobs fail with the message shown in the attached FailMessage image.
    The detailed report produced by CBB is seen in the attached DetailReport image.

    The message, "The server has waited too long for the request to be sent by the client" leads me to believe that something is timing out. That is why I shortened the chunk size to 5MB.

    Please let me know if you would like any further details.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


  • Feature Request: Time based bandwidth restrictions/overrides
    Excellent idea. I second the request!


Lawrence Rubanka

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