• Maximum upload speed to AWS S3 over AWS Direct Connect?
    Thanks for the response. This is great.

    I hadn't thought about creating additional buckets. I'll give that a shot, as wel las contacting AWS support. I couldn't find an answer anywhere either about what the maximum speed of S3 was, let alone specifically over a direct connect.

    Running multiple backup plans in parallel did increase the speed somewhat. Seems to get a solid 700 Mbps now, but definitely needs more CPU. The VM is setup with a 10Gbps NIC, and the host is quite capable with 40 Gbps to the network, so that doesn't seem to be an issue.

    RMAN is encrypted and uncompressed to the NFS device, so I'm having MSP360 do both. I'll check the block-level backups setting as that's a good point about them not changing.

    Logging is set to low.

    I'll give all this a shot. Thanks!