• Backup Plan Suggestions / Tips - Required
    @James Dyke - Cloud Berry was recommended to me as a cheaper alternative that supported multiple methods of backing up to cloud storage as well as onsite storage.

    @Matt - Thanks for the links and I think the part that I have been missing this whole time is... (However it is important to keep in mind to do a regular full backup to save on space, increase recovery time and purge older versions.)

    I have not being doing enough full backups in order for the retention policy to work. So basically it just fills the NAS up within about 2 months.

    So the new settings I am running with are incremental backups every 2 hours during business hours and also a full backup every 1 month. Also the retention policy is set to delete versions older than 3 months (file version age).

    Do you think these settings would work correctly or should I set them up differently? Thanks for your help thus far! :)
  • Backup Plan Suggestions / Tips - Required
    Hi Matt, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Block Level backups were already in place at this site.

    I just don't understand why the backup retention policy is so complicated and it seems I am not the only one who feels this way. I spend hours every month re-jigging the backup retention because no matter what I do the NAS seems to fill up even if the retention is set to 3 months.
  • Why Is CloudBerry So Slow To Backup When Encryption Is Enabled?
    Sorry for the delay in replying! I am backing up a Virtual Machine and it has 8 virtual CPU cores assigned to it. Also the Thread count in CloudBerry is set to 4 and the backups are being sent to a Synology NAS on the same gigabit network.

    I have also sent the Diagnostic logs through to support as a couple of minutes ago.
  • Why Is CloudBerry So Slow To Backup When Encryption Is Enabled?
    The encryption speed issue impacts both backup & restore jobs. Also I have not changed the default thread settings.