• S3 to Glacier
    Thanks, David. We've been doing backup for 20+ years have have had to restore from the cloud a total of 3 times in those 20 years, so we really don't need fast restore. What I am trying to figure out (and I think Dmitry @ MSP360 is working on this) is what is more cost effective: lowering the retention in S3 to 14 days, or using Glacier which is cheaper but has a 90 day retention.

    We tried Wasabi, the problem was that they charge for deleted files for 90 days, I think because of the way that MSP360 works, we had deleted files that were 10X our live data, so as you can imagine, the monthly fee was 10X what we were expecting. I'll look into BackBlaze, that might be an option.
  • Associating S3 bucket with user
    I meant the name of each folder in the bucket, trying to associate that with a user.

Lorne Lavine

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