• Feature Request - Save Passwords
    Hi David: yes, if you want to know, I was talking about LastPass. You can copy and paste passwords from it and I don't have any trouble with it. It's just that for some users who aren't familiar with computers, going into LastPass and finding the password to connect and then go back to the software to paste it is not easy as it is for us. I will explain further: before using MSP360 remote desktop at our company, we were using Chrome Remote Desktop. But it proved to be unreliable sometimes, so we are now trying out MSP360 Remote Desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop was easy because you could just ask it to remember your PIN or password. I installed MSP360 Remote Desktop for an elder colleague yesterday, and for her it's not just as straightforward as just launching the software and clicking on connect. Now, you have to go fetch the password in LastPass every morning you want to connect remotely. Add to that the fact that when you connect to a computer, it logs the user off, so it's a second password that users have to fill in. The remote desktop software password + the user account password. I think you're beginning to understand how it could be more user-friendly.
  • Feature Request - Save Passwords
    Do you plan adding that feature to the remote desktop freeware? It is annoying for unsavvy users to always have to type the password, especially when that password is long and complicated, and stored in a password manager. It is the only thing missing from the freeware to make it a great product.


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