• Unexpected purge/re-backup behaviour

    Thanks Gleb - it is indeed .32. I saw there was a .39 but no indications of what was in it when I looked earlier (since fixed with your note on the .32 release notes).

    I'll get .39 running and let you know if the problem continues.
  • Unexpected purge/re-backup behaviour
    So far so good on the purge/backup behaviour - no repeats since installing 2.5.

    That said, it's become VERY memory hungry - currently chewing up over 10GB of memory in idle state:
    keith@here ~ $ free -m
                  total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
    Mem:          15998       14998         186          98         813         527
    Swap:         15623          10       15613
    keith@here ~ $ ps -aux | grep Cloud
    root      1540  0.4 31.1 6852820 5099088 ?     Sl   Aug05  71:37 /opt/local/CloudBerry Backup/raw_bin/cbbWebAccess
    root      1546  0.1 31.1 5946832 5103884 ?     Sl   Aug05  31:49 /opt/local/CloudBerry Backup/raw_bin/cbbLocalManagement
    keith    12773  1.2  0.4 602484 75600 ?        Sl   08:44   0:00 /opt/local/CloudBerry Backup/raw_bin/cbbGUI
    keith    12905  0.0  0.0  14228  1088 pts/1    S+   08:45   0:00 grep --color=auto Cloud

    Swappiness is set to pretty much disable it (never been a fan of an SSD being hit hard as a result of bad memory management) so I'm guessing if I were to go digging it would be CloudBerry that's triggered the swap too.

    Is this something that's already on the radar to be fixed? Can the background processes be forcibly reset by the CLI to release that memory?

  • Unexpected purge/re-backup behaviour
    Thanks for the help guys. 2.5 installed so fingers crossed.

    I'm not sure on the lifecycle/dev environment you develop with that might make it easier but seeing various comments around use of CloudBerry Backup in business environments you may be surprised on the number of people interest in full release notes.
  • Unexpected purge/re-backup behaviour
    Thanks Caleb - I am indeed running a 2.4 iteration at the moment. I'll take a look at the 2.5 upgrade.

    Where do you publish full release notes? I've never been a fan of always upgrade to the latest just because it's there - while bug fixes and security fixes will usually drive the upgrade (rather than new features) the question of how quickly still depends on what they are.
  • Unexpected purge/re-backup behaviour
    Quick response - Thanks Matt.

    I am using S3 but there aren't any lifecycle rules setup on the bucket. I'm assuming no lifecycle rules means nothing ever expires.

    The purge logs I mentioned are a large number of these:
    2018-07-30 06:00:11,384460 [INFO ]: [ CBB ] [ 4 ] Purge file success, path: <filename>

    It reads as CBB choosing to purge the file rather than S3 expiring it but I could be wrong.