• Web Console Rebranding
    Excellent! Many thanks Matt.

    I have enabled the option, added my image and changed the text but this does not seem to be reflected on the login page. Does it take time to propagate?

    Also I noticed I now have a certificate and bindings tab. I already have SSL setup but there is nothing listed on this page, should I do anything here?
  • Web Console Rebranding
    No - in the last update it said - An ability to set up a custom logo on the login view. There is a new option called "Web Console Rebranding".

    I can't find this option anywhere.
  • Providing for multiple desktop backups
    Ah yes - I totally missed that - many thanks!
  • Providing for multiple desktop backups
    I suppose the simplest solution would be to be able to add a password to the client software so only an authorised person could access the console (probably something that could be reset form the web console).

    Alternatively having the option for a client to only be able to see the data it has backed up as opposed to the data that the user has backup up (working off the machine name I guess).

    I suppose you could also have a way to automatically create users (like appending a number on the end sequentially) when setting up this kind of scenario - but it might get messy when dealing with a lot of users and would require a big list of user/passwords to be handed over somehow.
  • MBS Web Console. Release Update 4.2.3 - October 22, 2018
    Great work on the updates.

    Where is the Web Console Rebranding option?

    Many Thanks.
  • Advanced Rebranding and Storage Options.
    Good advice indeed - many thanks!
  • Advanced Rebranding and Storage Options.
    Excellent thanks for the reply.

    It seems that Standard-IA would be the best option for your average backup solution no?
  • ETA for item-level restore?
    Have seen a recent update in the below thread. Don't worry about this one - I see there no ETA..
  • Backup VM host machines.
    Excellent that is what I was hoping/assuming.

    Many thanks again.
  • Backup VM host machines.
    Thanks for the reply (c:

    So if a client had a VM backup licence (say 2 slot) they would also be able to image the host machine if they so chose (as server would be included)?
  • Feature Request: Create downloads of old builds.
    I agree with you, just though it might be useful in a small number of instances. But as you say, would be much better to just get a copy from Support than re-code the current system. Ignore my request (c:
  • Feature Request: Custom CSS overrides.
    Not sure on the exact list as a lot would be possible. But would definitely try things like:
    - Change the login screen colours (text, bg, button)
    - Possibly re-colour the menu and footer
    - Backgrounds, tabs, text colour, and the likes.

    Once I got playing I am sure there would be a number of changes to other things. Including the position of some elements possibly (if that didn't screw with the look to much).
  • White Labelled Software Documention
    Thanks for the reply Matt.

    Look forward to it's release.
  • Main Dashboard -- what's missing?
    It would be great to have a custom HTML module to display custom content to admin's.