• Question about iCloud
    Got it. Thanks for the response.

    I think I can index and/or sync these iCloud files to my Devonthink database, which is backed up by CB.
  • 11 hours and counting...
    Thanks Doug. I'll do that.
  • 11 hours and counting...
    I'm back again, after some excitement. It looked like my backup was finished, which it was, but something was wrong. When I checked my S3 Console, there was a file tree but only dashes by file size, last modified, etc. Then I realized in Cloudberry the backup stopped at 6:080 pm due to "InterruptedSystemSleep," the same thing that happened with the first attempt. My system did go to sleep the first time. But before the second attempt I went into my system preferences and made sure that sleep was turned off. I set if for continuous running. So I wonder what's happening.
  • 11 hours and counting...
    Yeah, that makes sense. I probably just need to be patient and sit tight. Thanks