• Feature requests
    another really handy useful feature would be "Switch sides with partner" I remote into mom to help her with her computer , then i want to show her how i have something set up on computer so i want her to see my desktop, switch sides with partner and now she can see and control my computer until I decide to kick her off LOL
  • Feature requests
    Please implement multiple monitors in both directions. I am used to working with 4 monitors and today because remote desktop was not available I had to work with one small display. Just because the host computer only has one why can't I move things around my different desktops. It works with remote desktop. It was very hard to find things hidden and way to one edge on the accessed computer. I couldn't figure out how to drag the scaled display any bigger either, it seems the same scaled or not and the connection bar at top and bottom was also hard to work around. I hide the top but couldn't figure out what to do with the bottom one. I like a big desktop and multiple even better, pretty please
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    Please have multiple displays work both ways. I don't always need to see all the monitors (although it's nice) on the computer I remote in to, but it's very hard to work on a one display computer when I have 4 monitors and everything is squeezed into one small monitor and it's hard to find open programs because they are way to one side of the host computer. I have all this wasted desktop space but can't utilize when I use unattended access to my work computer. Remote desktop is best but this would be a great second choice when RD is unavailable for one reason or another.