• Partial remote control

    I would think on the first connect I could change the DESKTOP icon setting to be RUN AS ADMINISTOR. That will cause it be run like that the next time. Of course the USER would have to accept that before it ran. If that is what the problem is, it would be 'fixed'. All I need do is tell the other person to close the connection and re-open it. I'd reconnect, and, again, if that was the problem, it might work?

    Never tried it, but will the next time I use it. Otherwise I'd install the full product on the PC, show the user how to allow connection, and disconnect closing the existing connection. Some people using the full product connection client have no freezing problems.
  • Partial remote control
    I'm hitting the same 'freezing' problem.

    I'm frozen, varies by what I try to do. Even if I ask the end user to do something, I do not get the function back to do anything? All I can do is END the session on the top bar and reconnect. If there is a UAC prompt happening, I can't see it, and possibly the client end didn't see it either, not sure.

    I'll assume this is a QuickSupport problem?

    What I had to do was reconnect (after the 3rd time) and install another Remote Desktop program on my next connection. Prefer Remote Desktop though.

    I didn't think of running the Quick client in Administrator mode? Will this be a via able workaround? Either I could do it on a connect and then reconnect telling the user to close it and reopen it?
  • Quick Support Client Bug - Screen Sharing is paused by Remote Computer
    Has this been fixed yet?

    In my case it could be user error on the Client end, not sure?

    I've done tests with one person and it never locks up for me? Other end is using the Quick version.

    In 2 other cases my trying to do some operations like opening a program locks me up? I'll assume it is the UAC request but I can't see it. The person on the Client either doesn't see it or didn't know what to do?

    When I use the FULL to connect to the Quick client are there 2 prompts the client side needs to do, approve access and approve making changes? I think in the test I made that worked there were 2, but not in the ones I locked up and had to reconnect?