• Remote Assistance from Windows to a Mac
    I don't think you understood my question. I have a Windows computer. I would like to connect remotely to a client who has a Mac. Which would be the host, my computer or the Mac? Are you saying it is impossible to remotely connect to a Mac from a PC?
  • Cannot control remote computer
    I see, thanks for this. I take it this doesn't show up until after I am connected. I've always used Team Viewer, and full control is assumed when you are connected. If it were possible to include the "allow full control" button or checkbox on the end of the remote computer when they okay the connection, that would make it simpler. Or, if that is impossible, put the button for full control in the top row alongside the microphone. BTW, I didn't realize this could work through the computer's mic--I am used to using remote control with a phone on speaker. I had to turn it off due to the feedback from the phone, but thought it was a cool idea to use in the future. I'll just have the client hang up once we are connected. Thanks so much!