• Does the free version support multipart uploads?
    Yes, intended for long-term archival.

    Thanks for the help, but I have switched to a different (Glacier-focused) product. See attachment - the UX difference is night and day, I can see how everything is going. Much better than staring at a percentage indicator that moves a few times an hour.

    I would strongly suggest that something similar be implemented for Cloudberry - from browsing the log file, this information is already available.
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  • Does the free version support multipart uploads?
    Upload speed is around 600 KB/sec maximum.

    I have just restarted Cloudberry for the third time, shut it off when I went to sleep for the night. The percentage has reset to zero yet again (was 27%), and from calculating (upload speed) x (estimated time remaining) it seems that there are indeed 8.3 GB left to upload. This is a bit frustrating.

    Large uploads can be resumed automatically, right? No further setup needed in either Cloudberry or my Amazon account? (If so, how come mine keeps resetting?)

    Also, is there no way to get a more informative progress counter like "xx of xxxx chunks successfully uploaded"?
  • Does the free version support multipart uploads?
    Thanks very much for the quick reply.

    Not particularly interested in multi-threading, in fact I would prefer a limit of 1 because of my poor connection.

    I am attempting to upload an 8.3 GB file to Glacier storage. Have activated the 15-day trial but find myself somewhat confused, the percentage indicator in the queue has reset to zero after restarting Cloudberry (was 20%), and the "Multipart Uploads" window shows one entry with a total size of 8 MB (one chunk) even though I have uploaded well over a gigabyte already. Is it the expected behavior?