• "20 calls/minute allowed for..." Error Not resolved
    FYI A wild release has just appeared. Unsure if it fixes the bug you mentioned, the changelog hasn't been published yet and @Matt pointed out it would be 5.8.7.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    Thanks for the insights Caleb, I really appreciate it. I would personally like to see:
    - more rebranding (i.e. add logo to client screen, left side of top header, next to the buttons)
    - showing storage account usage statistics/package details on home screen + ability to return to home screen via "home button"
    - localisation support (to match locale of desktop of customer)
    - ability to customize the meta information of the package in rebranding (title + description at least)
    - filename encryption (you already mentioned it)
    - image based backup (you already mentioned it)

    Fellow MBS users, please comment/rate if you share these!
  • Refreshing Storage Tab
    I've also noticed before that the local service to provide info to the console can seem busy with other tasks, so that currently visible (user initiated) tasks may take a long time to complete. You'll be looking at that spinner for very long. Examples are a consistency check running in the background.
  • Problem with Minio SSL
    I meant a PositiveSSL.
  • Problem with Minio SSL
    I bought my certificate with a local reseller selling Comodo PremiumSSL certificates. However, you do generate the EC private key yourself I assume. That will in turn generate a CSR with EC and you'll provide only the CSR to the SSL vendor.
  • Problem with Minio SSL
    Thanks! Using an Elliptic Curve (ECDSA) key/cert pair fixes the issue I had with Windows 7 and Minio. Will do some more testing on the current releases and hopefully catch up with them again.
  • Problem with Minio SSL
    So we should request an ECDSA certificate from the authority then? This is done in the CSR step?
  • Centralized Version of CloudBerry Managed Backup
    I would imagine one could login to a client GUI with company admin credentials and manage all clients under this company (settings, storage, tasks). Once settings are saved, they automatically propagate to the respective clients and they will act accordingly. Also reports could be viewed centralized this way too. Issues can be seen on some kind of dashboard overview. Unleashing the power of single-pane-of-glass every admin loves :)
  • install options
    The issue with rebrandingsettings is that they can't be applied on a per-user (or per-company) basis, only in the rebranding settings as a common choice. When you build a future release and have this setting changed and clients update, it will be applied to these installations as well. If it is important for MBS users to have this configurable per-user/per-company, this should be made a feature request.