• CloudBarry explorer support S3 MFA
    I have installed the commercial Cloudbarry explorer but I can't get the 2FA to work when connecting with Access key and IAM policy allows S3 resources with MFA only
    Does Cloudbarry support it?
  • CloudBarry explorer support S3 MFA
    Thank you
    1. I will test it
    2. But my question is
    You introduced multi-factor authentication to cases of user deleting files from amazon S3.
    Do you also support multi-factor authentication to actually access the amazon S3 account in the first place via CloudBarry explorer?
    As we have set the IAM accounts with a policy that prevents access to S3 without MFA
    We would like users to connect to the S3 with the access key but be required to enter a MFA in order to get the list of buckets and start browsing through


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