• Using Google Drive or Cloud?
    It all appeared to go fine. However upon a run, after a few seconds it stops, and I get
    "your backup plan Backup 21/09 Google COMPLETED WITH WARNINGS, please see below for more details.

    ERROR: I dont know this error type"

    Is that a Google error or CloudBerry?
  • Using Google Drive or Cloud?
    Thanks, I will try that! Google's doc is incomprehensible. I know it's for advanced programming, but I hoped CloudBerry had a step by step for just using it with Google Cloud. Looks like I guessed right. Will let you know if there's any differences.

    Thanks again!
  • Using Google Drive or Cloud?
    And my question about getting the,p12 file? I have an account and a user but I don't see where the get the key file.

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