• set up S3 Bucket with Protected Content Withe Exploere
    The content at this point dosent have to be encrypted. It only needs to accessible, downloaded or seen by paying customers or my own websites? In other words I want to use Cloudfront to generate URLs to my S3 Bucket downloads and streaming videos that only paid customers can use. I hope that helps you help me. Can you help?
  • set up S3 Bucket with Protected Content Withe Exploere
    Hi Denis, Thank you so much for your response and advice. What I want to do is set up an S3 bucket that stores digital product files in zipped format for download by only people who have paid to download it. (Protected Content). I would also like to be able to stream video from the same S3 bucket so that it can only be accessed or seen by people on my website (members only protected content). I would like to distribute this protected content VIA Cloutfront. URLs.wile managing the bucket with Cloudberry Pro. So. is there documentation explaining how I can set this up using the Cloudberry interface?.


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