• Is Remote Desktop Free for Personal Use?
    you fellas are the best!
  • Confused if I have a trial or free version
    Hi David,
    Can you explain some questions about the current free edition?
    1. is support thru this forum still available for users of the free edition?
    else {} LOL
    2. I seem to need to enter the ssl key on each attempt to connect. Is this a "feature" of the free edition?
    3. the keys appears to begin with the same letters, and also end with the same letters, but after I did a compare of 2 keys, I see they are indeed unique. So for a while these "similar looking" keys were driving me crazy, thinking I had the correct key, based on the beginning and ending letters, but indeed I was trying the wrong key. thanks for the log file. lol
    4. can you consider changing the information phrase that is displayed on initial connection
    from "[username] is already working on Remote computer"
    to "[username] has an open session on Remote computer."
    5. can you clarify what happens when the "controller user" connects using Windows logon credentials? 5.1. Does the user with the active session get logged off, or just locked?
    5.2. Do they see any notification messages on screen?
    5.3 When the "controller user" uses the Windows login screen on the remote computer, does the user session at the remote computer see the remote controller user logging in, or is it treated as a separate session, and the user at the remote computer doesn't see anything?
    6. What determines the 5 endpoint limit of the free edition? is it the number of entries in the address book (I currently have 6 entries), or is it watching for a limit of 5 connections at the same time, or some other metric? I just don't want to be surprised at the worst time by a notification that I can't make a connection due to exceeding some limit, etc.
    thank you
  • Win10 Dark Theme issues
    sorry, I was using the term "class" in the sense of http css, but I meant if there is a way to reference the object to set it's custom color... however it is probably best to have your developers decide how to turn the interface to a "dark" mode. thank you.
  • How to Save Remote Computer Details
    the list of server recently connected to is stored in \Program Data\CloudBerryLab\Cloudberry Remote Assistant\RASettings.xml

    you can back up that file to an cloud storage in case of a crashed computer etc.
  • CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.2 Released !
    great job documenting this Philipp! I wish all end users were as helpful.
  • What's new - CloudBerry Remote Assistant v
    HI I experienced an issue in this version, when a connection was dropped, before it was dropped, i might have been typing too fast, and or holding down a key too long, and Win 7 pro 64bit activated a hot key for the shift. Then when an automatic re connection was made, I could not type anything, (ie there were no charters being displayed as i typed remotely. I could still use the mouse to click.. I tried to send a diagnostics report (239817), but of course my typing did not show up, so the ticket was blank.

    I self-solved this by using the on-screen keyboard, and clicking the SHIFT key on the on-screen kbrd, and then I was able to see what I was typing again.

    maybe you could use some icons on the floating control panel to show when caps lock is on?
  • What's new - CloudBerry Remote Assistant v
    Hi Gleb,

    Can the remote computer be upgraded while connected to CBRA remotely? Or does it need to be done in person at the remote computer, because the installation will break the remote connection?