• An error occurred while attempting to purge data on backup storage
    Thanks. I figured they were working on it already and didn't want to add to their burden of communication if others had already been informed of what's going on, so I figured if I posted on the forum, someone who already had a case open for this issue would be able to fill in the rest of us without increasing the case load for an already known issue.
  • Drive mappings do not show up in Windows
    Not sure if this is your issue, but Windows security settings due to updates sometimes cause this. Try the following:

    1 - run regedit
    2 - locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System
    3 - create a new DWORD entry with the name EnableLinkedConnections and value 1.
    4 - restart Windows Explorer or restart your computer
    5 - now you can see and use network drives with these installers or applications.
  • New Backup and Windows Event Log reporting
    Oh, okay. The option, when presented, looked like it was going to automatically report every job result to all the individual clients. I'll try turning it on and see if I can make the necessary adjustment. Thanks for the clarification.
  • New Backup and Windows Event Log reporting
    Okay, I'll wait for the October release. I don't want users inundated with e-mails. Every time a minor issue occurs and one out of six jobs fails for the day, I don't need users who don't understand how anything works contacting me concerned that their backups are failing.
  • New Backup and Windows Event Log reporting
    Great! Thanks for your quick response to this.
  • Local Drive not available for selection?
    eh, more backups are better, anyway.
  • Local Drive not available for selection?
    Great, thanks. For now, I'll just set up an RSync to copy my local files to the TrueNAS box and then back them up via the share. Kind of round-about, but it's better than wiping my system and rebuilding to change to EXT4.
  • Local Drive not available for selection?
    I chose it because of its general superiority over other file systems and since I've had no problem choosing file selections from my NFS and SMB mounts located on my TrueNAS server which also uses ZFS, I thought it wouldn't be a problem. Is this something that will be supported in the future? It's becoming more prevalent now that it's in the kernel.