• Restoring an image of a bootable volume
    Hi Peter,

    Firstly, you need to create a bootable USB/ISO. Follow steps in the link below.

    Next, boot it and restore disk.
  • How to restore a computer that is offline
    Hi Marcusj,

    To restore from offline computer use another computer with installed MSP360 backup agent.
    Make sure that proper backup prefix(computer name) is selected in storage account settings.

    If you use MBS, log in with appropriate backup user on another computer and select a backup prefix.

    Proceed with the restore.
  • Bootable USB for Bare-Metal Restore
    Hi Xavi,

    You can install MSP360 Backup agent on any machine and use trial license. Follow the article below to create bootable iso. As your server has RAID controller, do not forget to download them from the vendor website, unzip and specify the path to them in the "Path to drivers" field. USB or ISO file is created, boot it on the affected machine.
  • Training for New MSP360 Users
    Hi BackupFan,

    We offer professional onboarding to prepare your backup environment for production use, and to provide you with the confidence to manage backups and restores professionally. Services include:

    • Configuration of backup settings based on industry best practices, as determined by our experts’ experience. Coverage includes configuration of cloud storage, backup plans, retention policies, remote deployment, notifications, and reports.
    • Testing for backups and restores.
    • Answering any additional questions you may have.

    The ultimate goal of onboarding is to help you perform both backup and test restores on several machines. The number of machines involved depends on the size of your environment.
    Onboarding is helpful when you are doing a deployment; in fact, we would say it is a must-have if you are not 100% sure how to achieve optimal performance.

    The onboarding service is available for a $500 one-time fee and includes at least 5 screen-sharing sessions to set everything up correctly to help you avoid common errors and save time and money.
    Register here and we'll connect you with one of our top tech specialists to get you started.
    Get the onboarding
  • MSP Api get list of files
    Hi Florian,

    Currently, there is no API to get a list of files from the MBS. Consider using detailed user plan reports which can be sent automatically to your email. To enable it, go to MBS -> Reporting -> User plan report -> Provider (you) receives the notification emails for all users. Additionally, you need to specify email address on Settings -> Notifications page in Contact email -> To field.

    Also, MSP360 PowerShell module includes Get-MBSPlanHistory cmdlet which returns detailed plan history with file statuses. You can use it if your management system can remotely run PowerShell command.
  • Problem deleting data to reclaim Amazon S3 / Glacier space
    Hi Michael,
    Do you mean CloudBerry Backup when you are talking about CloudBerry Lab?
    If so, you have to sync repository after you delete something in the cloud.
    Go to Tools tab -> Options -> Repository tab -> Syncronize Repository -> Select Account -> Syncronize Now.

    Best practice is to avoid deletion backups directly in the cloud. It is safer to delete backup on "Backup Storage" tab. You can select backup, right click and select Delete option.