• Is it possible to delete OST file without losing the access to data?
    Regarding MSP360 Backup for MS365, safely deleting the OST file is not possible because this solution specifically works with Exchange Online. Modifying or deleting the OST file during cloud backups may result in losing your cached data.
  • Backing up Microsoft 365 Family Account
    It's quite possible. MSP360 Backup for M365 backs up OneNote notebooks.
  • duplicate when restoring emails
    Hello Michel,

    Please open a support case so that we can investigate the issue properly. If you have already opened a support case, please let me know its number.

    Thank you
  • To delete files from GSuite backup I'm asked to sign in with Alternate Email
    Utilizing an alternate password for data deletion adds an extra layer of security. To verify your alternate email address, a verification email should have been sent to the email address you provided. If you haven't received the verification email, please follow these steps to activate the email service in your provider account. Log in to, navigate to 'Settings,' select 'Email Service,' and then follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you can re-add your alternate email address to verify it.

Sergey Shinkorenko

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