• Introducing MSP360™ Remote Assistant for macOS
    The MSP Remote Desktop download page says: "Securely access and control desktops and servers at no cost. Leverage easy-to-use remote desktop solution for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android." I downloaded it and, like others here, couldn't figure out my Computer ID and PIN. A web search to find that info landed me here.

    It's pretty clear that there are a number of people who are downloading the app based on the belief--which is completely understandable given the description on the download page--that remote access to any of the systems for which downloads are offered is possible. The download page should clearly state that the app is cross-platform only for the control end of the remote desktop connection, i.e., "Securely access and control Windows-based desktops and servers at no cost." To word it as it is now is at best inaccurate, and at worst intentionally misleading.