• Copy all files inside folder but not the folder
    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for ur reply.

    That’s exactly what I tried to do. I guess if that’s the only way its not possible to do what I need.
    I work for a fashion retail company and have a folder with 24K pictures on it and the count grows everyday, so the function to upload just whatever changed there inside the folder is very important, but I needed to be able to tell Cloudberry the path where it should save the files in on root.
    I need this for a image resizing API that I have that just works if the file is on the root bucket.
    Selecting 24K files 1 by 1 is impossible since shift to select multiple files doesn’t seem to work.
    I really needed to get this done, if someone knows a work around please let me know. If not is there any other software that would do the backup like I need to ?


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