• File backup failure with "unable to flush I/O writes"
    The backup has run successfully nightly for the past 4 nights... just an update.
  • File backup failure with "unable to flush I/O writes"
    I should add that the problem recurred last night, even though I switched to "use system VSS provider."
  • File backup failure with "unable to flush I/O writes"
    Hi Matt,
    From what I can see in the Windows Event Log, it looks like there may be a bug in Cloudberry Backup. I am submitting an issue report with the details. I'd appreciate your quick follow up and response there. I'd like to switch to Cloudberry, but this is a show stopper.
  • File backup failure with "unable to flush I/O writes"
    Thanks David. The same error did not occur on the following night's backup, so the backup completed successfully. I also changed the option to "use system VSS provider" as you suggested. However, I'm still interested to know if there is a "retry" option when such errors occur. Waiting 24 hours to retry the backup puts files not backed up at risk. At the same time, I don't want to retry the backup during the day when I see the email that the backup has failed.
  • SQL Server backup failure "Possible reason: low local disk space"
    Thanks! I've reconfigured the temp folder location to use a folder on F:, and will see how well that works when the scheduled job runs next.
  • Editing "backup chain" action
    Ah! Ok... The UI is confusing. In the list of backup plans, the "Run after:" note appears on the File backup plan, so that's the one I was trying to edit. Perhaps the SQL Server backup plan should say "Run next:" insteadl?