• No Incremental - Always Full backups
    It seems to be doing incremental backups now.

    Thank you.

    I wanted to know if the licenses are transferable?
    Meaning if we retire the server and replace with a new one, can the license be transferred?

    Thank you
  • VM Backups
    I read it's bad practice to have AD DC as a VM. How is the host going to operate without its guest?
    The host should be independent of its guests. Shouldn't it?
  • VM Backups

    I am still confused.

    I also have a physical server that's running Win 2012 Domain controller role AND Hyper-V with 3 VMs.

    Now as I understand if I install the VM-Edition then I can backup all my 3 VMs but NOT the Active Directory on the host server?

    And if I install AD-Edition or Ultimate Edition, then I can back up the AD but no VMs??

    So do I need to install 2 editions on the same server?
    And if I have to install Cloudberry to the Host AND all 3 VMs, it would mean 4 licenses for 1 server?
    That works out very costly and against Cloudberry licensing which is "per computer".

    Please clarify what is the best option is this scenario.

    Thank you


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