• Legacy and new format backup
    can a synthetic full backup be saved to B2 and an immutable backup
  • Immutable Backups
    Thanks David. I will continue to test with B2. None of my clients have local/private cloud hardware that supports immutability at this time but Azure is something to be considered. My current struggle is finding the configuration settings for clients that maximize protection from Ransomware while not getting surprises with regard to storage costs. Be glad to hear any ideas you have on that. eg what are the best practices?
  • Immutable Backups
    Thanks David. I am testing with B2 now

    How about immutable file systems hardware that is local/private cloud based. Anything on that front coming? Also how about immutible backups using Azure storage?
  • Immutable Backups
    Interested in if and when B2 cloud immutable backups might be available? From what i have read the API supports it but will it be supported by MS360 at some point? I'd like to try for some of our clients
  • Backup in background
    regarding screen scraping or using data from event logs for monitoring...I have found that the results in the event log indicated a failure even though the history entry indcates a success. Where can I find the source of the history data? can it be logged so I can access it from an RMM product or can I retrieve from the windows registry somewhere. Seems like we should not have to wait for integration with each RMM but be able to pull the success/fail data ourselves. Anyone done this?